Lucky Brickstreet Screenwriter Living in Bali

The Bali Experience is far more than golden nights and purple days in Canggu.  We take you on a few journeys around Bali to experience Coastal Life, some of the stunning Coastal Designs and Interiors, Living in Bali.

Nestled on the northern coast of Bali lies the charming fishing village of Tejakula.  Here The Tiing Tejakula punctuates the landscape - only once you know its there!  [Tiing: meaning Bamboo].  

A curious destination for a brutalist boutique hotel made of concrete and bamboo, but one that works incredibly well.  Australian Architect Nic Brunson has orchestrated a delightful feat here, constructing a series of rooms facing out to the sea using formed concrete based on the local design technique of using bamboo to hold and form (nearly all) structures.  It's intended result is both alluring and stunning. We enjoyed our mini break up in Tejakula during the wet season on 'Nyepi' - the Island day of Silence.  Sounds strange for an island paradise, but in the hustle and bustle of Bali life it comes as quite a respite from the hum of motorbikes and trucks whizzing around this little Paradise.  We took the opportunity to create a mini photo shoot (in silence) for Scandic Gypsy.

Below we've included a snapshot of the Interior Design at The Tiing, as well as some Scandic Gypsy product shots casually taken between the course of several days of relaxation by the pool.  (It doesn't rain ALL the time during Wet Season in Bali.)  

The food and service here at the Tiing were lovely.  Rural and Agricultural should be an expectation, as well as muddy Bali Kopi but it's all part of the experience! The team go out of their way to welcome you, and deliver food with hearty hospitality here.  We recommend a short stay up here when you're visiting Bali and the link to the Hotel's direct reservations is above.

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