About Us

SCANDIC GYPSY is a Swedish-Australian design studio.  In 2016 we established the business, supplying shoes bags and hats from small artisan manufacturers who we built relationships with around the world.  Our focus was to supply timeless pieces, 100% Hand Made, for women and children which would be 'Loved ~ Looked After ~ and Passed On'.

We worked for over a year through the pandemic to design and source improved supply chains for leather, and better practices to dye and manufacture.  We're proud to be featuring 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather, sourced sustainably, and still 100% Hand Made.

Vegetable tanning of our leathers relies on tree tannins and water as opposed to chromium salts and tanning liquors. It is a very natural process and benefits the leather products by making it stiffer, more water absorbent, and allows a better ageing and patina to the leather. 

All of the leather sourced for our range is accredited and audited by the Leather Working Group (LWG)*.

We will continually evolve and seek better outcomes and never lose sight of our compass.

Read more about the Leather Working Group here

sosu and scandic gypsy model photos of sosu range